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Ronan Goron as 'The Tangent Doctor'.

The future Doctor, or "Tangent" Doctor is an incarnation that crops up somewhere in the future of the lead character's life. It is never specified within the series exactly where he comes in.

The Tangent Doctor's personality is somewhat reminiscent of the fifth and third Doctor's; speaking with received pronunciation and regularly addressing characters as "chap" or "fellow". This Doctor, played by Ronan Goron, travels alongside his companion, Katherine , who met the Doctor in an unseen adventure, but has been travelling in the TARDIS for some time.


The first time we see the Tangent Doctor onscreen is in the series opener, Tolls of the Cloister Bell , however, in "Don't be Scared" we see a flashback to the newly regenerated Tangent Doctor.

It is stated that the Doctor's previous incarnation saved Gallifrey from a Jograsson invasion force who were attempting to destroy the planet with a blast of CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). This blast was said to have triggered the regeneration.

The newly regenerated Doctor wakes up to greet his friend, Castellan Aulric. The Doctor then begins to struggle coping with the fact that he doesn't know his own personality yet and breaks down. Realizing that he requires time alone to come to terms with his new personality, he abandons Gallifrey and sets off in his TARDIS.

The new Doctor traveled to many planets with specifically peaceful and spiritual cultures, such as Manussa, where he spent extended periods of time with the Snakedancers. These attempts to develop a more spiritual, almost Buddhist way of thinking led to a total disregard for the Doctor's Time Lord status. He learnt to despise all those with supreme power and hated any form of aristocracy. However, these led to hateful thoughts of mass genocide. The Tangent Doctor often contemplated the idea of destroying all major powers in the universe, for total equality and to set up an extreme form of socialism.

The Doctor also began to think about how he could change time for the better, much like the Tenth Doctor did. To test this theory out, the Doctor traveled back in time to meet a young boy, who would later become a totalitarian dictator. He journeyed with this young man for a while in the TARDIS, constantly manipulating the boy's emotions, in an attempt to make him become a better person. Later on, the Doctor began to forget his Buddhist teachings and realized what he was doing. Remembering the unbalance in the web of time, the Doctor wiped the boy's memory and returned him to where he had been picked up.

The Doctor felt incredibly guilty after this and developed serious anxieties about whether his hearts were in the right place. He tried to block this out by acquiring a new companion, this time, an escapee from the Cheetah Planet, before it was destroyed. The Cheetah person became an apprentice to the Doctor, as the two roamed through the galaxy, with the Doctor using intoxication to cloud his mind of previous endeavors and thoughts.

The Doctor and Leina, the Cheetah Person, formed a strong friendship. After around four Earth years into their adventures, the Doctor and Leina were separated on the planet, H'ashen. Leina was taken into the slave trade and the Doctor attempted to rescue her. However, before he could, the Time Lords abducted him to assist them.

A race of galactic parasites known as the Neduj, have discovered a way of penetrating Gallifrey's transduction barrier and finding a food source from the time sensitivity of the citadel. Trofus, the evil president of Gallifrey, had trapped the Doctor and would not release him until he had overcome the threat.

Many years later, after meeting Katherine, the Doctor finds a mysterious fault in the TARDIS and with the aid of his second incarnation (Patrick Troughton), he is able to locate it. Crash landing to Eath, 2016, he discovers that an intelligent virus had infected his TARDIS from a satellite, so he is able to create an equal virus to wipe the other one out.

Sometime after that adventure, the Doctor and Katherine are drawn to Zarcrodax, where slave workers attempt to convert him into a slave to rebuild a chemical plant. BOSS, the supercomputer from Green Death The Green Death is told that the planet has no real inhabitants and then releases his slaves. Katherine is supposedly killed by one of the slaves and the Doctor leaves the servant of BOSS to die.

During his lonely travels in time and space, the Doctor receives spam mail from Victor Nycraft of the V-Y Sanez Majorez earth colony. He is then transported to the planet Jaygoth where he takes part in a survey. Upon getting his mind taken over by a strange alien entity, he is told that the whole survey was an experiment to see how higher forms of life responded to subliminal suggestion. The Doctor then teleports off of Jaygoth to journey into time and space once again.

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The Tangent Doctor's costume is usually a blue or white shirt, with a red necktie of some sort along with a waistcoat. The costume always features a long, dark coat. Other accessories include a sonic screwdriver in the style of the Eighth Doctors' as well as a machine gun disguised as an umbrella.